Magento 2

404 on all CMS pages on Single Store Mode enabled

This problem has two solutions as given below:

I made an alternative solution for this:

  • I check in the database. The new page is in the cms_page table but the link with cms_page_store. How to solve this?
    • Disable single store mode (Admin > Stores > Configuration > General > General > Single-Store Mode) and select “No”.
    • Assign a store view to the CMS page.
    • Go to your cms pages ( Admin > Content > Pages)
    • Edit the page which gives you the 404 message
    • Set the store view to “Default Store Views”
    • Save the page
    • Refresh cache (Admin > System > Cache Management) Now the CMS page is saved to table “cms_page_store”. and pages are working.
  • And, the second solution works on while Single Store Mode is Enabled.
    • Go to Content > Pages
    • Click on the page which is not working or spitting 404
    • Two-button save and cancel appears
    • Click on save
    • Check your page on frontend
    • This will start working

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